Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Agriculture is Key of National Awakening

Director of Business Management (MB) Pasacasjana Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) Ir Dr Arief said Daryanto Mec agriculture is a key national economic revival.
"The agricultural sector is a fundamental instrument of national economic development," said Arief Daryanto in Bogor, Monday (28/12).
The role of agriculture as a determinant of economic development, according to Arief, occurs in all countries in the world. Developed countries generally make farming as a mainstay in building the economy.

The annual report "World Development Report / WDR" (World Bank) who recently published the theme "Agriculture for the Development" (Agriculture for Development). In the WDR is confirmed, the agricultural sector is the main variable is the development of a country. Agricultural sector can achieve sustainable development.
The agricultural sector also has a real role in reducing poverty. Through job creation, unemployment will be reduced, so the impact on poverty rates decline. "Growth in gross domestic product (GDP) for the agricultural sector four times more effective in reducing poverty than other sectors," said Arief.
This information Arief, based on the agricultural sector's ability to absorb and generate employment in large numbers. "Unfortunately, agriculture sector growth in developing countries slowed down, among others, due to low investment, investment mistakes and 'overseas development assistance (ODA)' or ODA," he said. (ant)

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