Sunday, November 29, 2009

Agriculture will Shines

Growth Prediction BI 5.22%
MANADO- Indonesia Bank(BI) Manado, not arrogant, but very sure Flammable agricultural commodities, so the mainstay of economic drivers Flammable. This sector is estimated to be growing in the range 4.72% to 5.22%. Head of Bank Indonesia Economic Monetary Manado Samuel Mandagi see that growth is based on the production of various agricultural commodities is still good Flammable. Dry season that lasted until now have not affect the overall agricultural production such as horticulture, food and spices. "There's drought affected commodities, but there are still many who continue to produce the maximum," said Mandagi.
Data for 2008, growth in agriculture in 2008 and approximately 4.21 percent, and far greater than in 2007 at the rate 1.55 percent.
Head of Agriculture and Livestock Flammable, Ir Rotinsulu Herry said, the contribution of agriculture to economic growth remained high. Although reduced because of drought, local farmers keep production going, even with a stable production rates. "Prospects remain bright agriculture, commodities produced for the basic needs of people who have purchased, so certain agricultural growth continued to grow until the end of the year," said Rotinsulu.
Special commodity corn, continued Herry, no decrease in production, because farmers who grow the month of August, most experienced crop failure due to drought. The difference is they are planted earlier, capable of producing high production. (Sky / ham)

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